Ancestor's Dragon ossuary box

H 25cm x W 20cm x L50cm

Honouring the ancestors is very important in Chinese culture. The Han people, who live in Southern China, and also in Taiwan still practice the "Lucky Burial" Tradition.

An important family matrarch or patriarch, or a venerated monk or nun  is traditionally given a great send-off into the afterlife.

First the person's body is buried for about 6 years. Then the bones are ceremonially dug up, washed, and then reinterred in a ceramic vessel such as this one. This is known as "gathering the bones". The new burial site is specially chosen by a Feng Shui expert for it's auspicious qualities.

Monks may be buried in very large pots. These stunning boxes are carved with a dragon motif, and give off a sense of reverence, tranquillity, and good wishes.

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