Bowl V-shaped incised

: 44140
H:10 x W:29 cm

We have the biggest collection in the world of Mr Dai Zhu Ming' work.  These pieces are all extremely valuable and meticulously carved by hand.

 This celadon porcelain bowl was thrown and incised by Mr Dai Zhu Ming, a highly respected Chinese artist.


 In 2006 Adriaan obtained a few of his works which rapidly got sold. In 2008, he visited Mr Ming again, and bought the entire content of his workshop.  Since then, despite the high value of his work in China, he has ceased working as a potter, and so no more of his works are available. There is no information available on Dai Zhu Ming online, although his work is quite highly acclaimed in China. Another frustrating information gap....


 Mr Ming works in the Ting Qing Bai tradition of the Southern Sung Dynasty (1127 – 1279 AD) of Jingdhezhen. Qing Bai translates as “blue-white”.


This is a very fine grade of porcelain. The glaze is translucent and the subtle coloring pools in the hollows and crevices of the incisions, giving depth and richness to the patterns on the body of clay. Some wares have black dots from the iron contained in the clay.

Some are fired upside down- so there is no glaze on the rim, but the rim is a rich brown color which is very appealing. 

 In China, once a line of pottery has gone into production, it tends to either stay in production continuously, or be revived by artists who dedicate great skill and effort to faithfully reproducing what has gone before. The Sung dynasty wares have been revived in the 14th, 17th and 20th centuries.


This skill is highly regarded and seen as a way of perpetuating traditions that would otherwise be lost.


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